Dream big and don’t let go!

Todd and I are retired combat veterans, we served a combined 46 years in the military he’s a retired Marine and I am retired Navy. Tragedy, heartbreak, and despair are common attributes associated with retired military combat veterans, and all of that can be overcome, we know, because we OVERCAME!
I have been riding and learning about horses since I was 4 and cattle since I was 16 in the FFA.  Todd started when he proposed marriage! We started our farm together on a small 7 acre plot of swamp land in Stella, NC. We purchased the first 3 thoroughbreds from a place in West Virginia. 3 turned into 10 and after retirement, we moved to our farm in Tennessee and built it from the ground up. This is where we learned about moving cattle with horses and the benefits of it.  We found a peace with our farm in Tennessee that we had been searching for after retirement, a peace that only people who have recovered from tragedy can understand fully, but horses can be therapeutic to anyone who wants to learn. Todd brought me to his home town of Lake George in July 2018, I fell in love with everything up here and we implemented a 5 year plan to move the horses and our farm to New York,  5 years turned into 5 weeks and we now have Chamberlin Farms located in Comstock, NY, hard work and dedication payoff. We are here to educate those who want to learn, equine and human alike, follow your own path, be bold, dream big!!
Our first calf  born on the farm, Baby Gaga
Rufus, the calf I was given by my former employer, definately not malnourished now
Our first set of silks on a very prominant Jockey Perry Outz.
First race ever at the track.  We can achieve our dreams as long as we don't give up, the only true failure is to never try at all, each misstep is a learning oportunity to improve to be successful. Stringtown came in last, he beat the ambulance home and raced 26 more times. He is still sound and at our farm moving cattle.